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On behalf of myself, my wife, Elizabeth, and our entire family…Welcome to Winding Way Farm.

Here at Winding Way Far, horses are our passion. While Elizabeth and I come from very different equine backgrounds, we both have enjoyed a love of horses since childhood. A love that now enjoy sharing with our children. Elizabeth is an accomplished horseman with many years of show experience with Saddlebreds. As for myself, I was more of a backyard cowboy until I started breeding, training and racing thoroughbred horses. We now enjoy breeding Friesian horses together and who has horses without treats? Not us!

After sampling other horse treats, we decided to create a better treat with healthy ingredients like ground flax (a natural supplement that has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes overall health), beet pulp, molasses and whole grain. In fact, each Dimple treat contains a teaspoon of ground flaxseed. But what makes this treat even better is the irresistible aroma and soft pliable texture that allows medication to be hidden in the Dimple shape without the horse even being aware! Dimples eliminates the guesswork in administering most any medicine. It’s so easy anyone can do it!

Once we perfected the recipe, we began sharing our special treats with trainers, veterinarians and horse crazy friends with the challenge to find one horse that could resist the great taste and smell of Dimples. We received very favorable feedback and decided to make our treats available to all horse lovers in a 3 lb. reusable pail (about 60 treats).

You can feel good using Dimples Horse Treats as a reward, an aid in giving medication or just a special treat your equine friend will love!

David England

The irresistable flavor, soft texture and unique DIMPLE shape
makes administering medications to your horse simple and easy.

Moisture 19.1% Crude Protein 10.5%
Crude Fiber 4.8% Crude Fat 6.3%

Molasses, dry molasses, ground corn, oats, soy meal, ground flax, wheat flour, beer pulp, wheat bran

More Than Just An Irresistible Treat!

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