Dimples Horse Treats

"I purchased a finicky race horse and struggled with what would work in order for her to take grain and supplements to put on weight and muscle mass. Dimples Horse Treats opened the door for both of us. She loves the treats and began taking risks in eating behaviors. The other horses in the barn clamor for them as well."

"Dimples Horse Treats are like diamonds in our barn!"

Lisa Engler
Red Moon Stable


"Having owned horses since childhood and actively involved in the wellbeing of horses in his care as a trainer, rider, and breeder, David England designed "Dimples" like everything else he does, with the horse first and foremost in mind.

A client of our equine veterinary practice in Northern Kentucky since 2003, I have been eager to try his innovative product on patients receiving daily medication in tablet form. Dimples has exceeded our expectations in palatability and ease of administration for all equine medications we have used inside the Dimples pocket.

I will recommend Dimples to our clients and I am glad for the opportunity to provide sample packets to them! Thank you David for such a remarkable product for our horses!

Barbara Schmidt DVM

  I train thoroughbred racehorses off a small farm which means I have to ship everywhere I go to race and train at different tracks.  Many times I am by myself so loading in a timely manner is essential for all of my horses.  Occasionally I'll get the stubborn one who wants to be less than cooperative and will not get on the trailer at first asking.  I'm so glad I tried using Dimples to convince them otherwise.  Once they smell it in my hand, they will follow me about anywhere.  I then reward them when they are on the trailer, giving them the whole treat (or what's left of it).  Dimples are a great tool for reinforcing good behaviors, I always have of a bucket of them in my trailer.

H. Hall, Burlington, KY


Dimples Horse Treats
Dimples Horse Treat