Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about Dimples Horse Treats

Everyone asks if my horse’s name is Dimples.
No, Dimples is named for the shape of our treat.The PILL DIMPLE allows for most any medication to be hidden in the treat.

Originally on our farm in Union Ky. Now we also have a facility just down the road in Hebron, KY.

You can store Dimples in your tack box, feed room or most anywhere with no concern for mold or spoilage. Just keep the lid sealed when not using.

1lb 6oz tub = about 32 treats
3lb bucket = about 70 treats.

No, there are no added flavors. Just eight whole grains and molasses. Even the most finicky horses love the taste and aroma of Dimples.

Dave England made the original recipe and preserving process in his kitchen. He jokes he only made them to keep his wife, Elizabeth, from purchasing other treats for their many horses.

No, We made Dimples as a healthy everyday treat/reward but you can hide almost anything in the PILL DIMPLE such as powders, paste, even dewormers and of course pills.