Healthy and Soft Horse Treats

Our soft and healthy horse treats recipe is an excellent way to administer medication to your horse.

Getting your horse to accept a pill can be challenging, but these soft treats make it simple.

Dimples® Horse Treats are a soft horse treat that even the most finicky horses can’t resist!

These delicious goodies feature a “Pill Dimple” that is pliable enough to conceal any type of medication.

We have selected best-in-class ingredients such as ground flax seeds, wheat bran, and beet pulp to give nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory characteristics to your horse’s diet.

No bake horse treats

No bake horse treats are loaded with micronutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds, which makes them a wonderful treat after a tough workout.

Healthy horse treats

These healthy horse treats will help you whether you're dealing with a hard keeper, or simply want to manage your horse's healthy lifestyle.

Why soft horse treats?

Dimples® Horse Treats are excellent treats that help horses acquire weight and recuperate faster.

These soft horse treats become an absolute must-have while your horse is recovering from any oral condition or injury.

Horses with dental difficulties are more likely to become fussy, and they may begin to avoid food and treatment.

The calming and inviting aroma of our healthy horse treats is an excellent way to conceal medication.

Even senior horses love them and they can be used to keep them motivated.

Our horse treats recipe helps your horse recover from injury

Our recipe, made with flaxseed, has anti-inflammatory qualities and will hasten your horse’s healing cycle.

It contains highly nutritious ingredients such as molasses, wheat flour, beet pulp, dry molasses, ground corn, oats, soy meal, ground flax, and wheat bran.

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