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More than just an irresistible treat!

Irresistible Taste & Aroma

A Healthy Treat Even The Most Finicky Horse Can’t Resist!

seed powder
Ground Flax Seeds
Wheat Bran
Benefits of Beet Pulp in Horse Treats
Beet Pulp
A healthy everyday treat

Loaded with ground flax, beet pulp and whole grains.

A great reward/training tool

Even the most finicky horse cannot resist the aroma and taste of Dimples®.

The only treat with a "Pill Dimple"

Soft and pliable makes administering medication so easy.

How to use Dimples® Horse Treats

Dimples Horse Treats, for your lovely Horses

Dimples® Horse Treats make administering medication to your horses so easy!

Administer medication in horses

Simply place the medication and squeeze the pliable goodness around it.

Dimples Horse Treats with a “PILL DIMPLE”

Even the most finicky horses can't resist the aroma and taste of Dimples® Horse Treats.

Delight in Every Treat: Experience the Equine Bliss with Dimples Horse Treats!

Dimples® Horse Treats let you take the guesswork out of giving medication.


Dimples Horse Treats - Dianna Manz

Dianna Manz

“AppleJax loves when Abigail gives him Dimples® for a treat❤️”

    Dimples Horse Treats: Tina Desjourdy-Drake

    Tina Desjourdy-Drake

    “Your product should come with a warning label! Expect to get patted down with every trip to the barn!”

    Kristen Cody's Dedication to Dimples Horse Treats Shines Through.

    Kristen Cody

    “Drogo is very happy and loving his new treats! Thank you for making a quality, healthy treat!”

    Happy Customer Erika


    Erika, says Dimples® are her favorite treats and it’s the only way she can get her horse to take medicine.


    Happy Customer Samantha with Dimples Horse Treats

    Samantha Emerson

    “My horse loves the Dimple® Horse Treats. They are very useful for the pill he has to take for his joints.”

    Samantha Emerson