Our Story

First and foremost, we want to say thank you for spending some time learning about the Dimples® story.
We have a deep passion for not only our horses, as we are sure you can relate, but also an incredible appreciation for our customers.
Dimples Horse Treats Bucket

How did Dimples® Horse Treats begin?

As with so many businesses, we were looking for a product that did not yet exist. We had horses that needed regular medication and were having a challenging time administering the medication. Thus the search began for a solution.

That solution was found after lots of research and testing, including taste testing with our horses. The Dimples® Horse Treats recipe was created with loads of healthy ingredients including ground flax (a natural supplement that has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes overall health), beet pulp, whole grains, and molasses.

We began sharing our special treats with trainers, veterinarians, and horse-crazy friends with the challenge to find one horse that could resist the great taste and smell of Dimples®.

And yes you guessed it, we could not find that horse, so we knew we were on to something wonderful that would serve the equine community well.

Stores Throughout the Country

It was then that we decided to make a go of making these treats available to all horse lovers!

Dimples® Horse Treats are now available in a three-pound bucket or a one-pound tub at tack shops and feed stores throughout the country.