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My husband and I went to Monument, Colorado and went to a little tack shop that sold your treats. They gave us a sample for my "old lady" 22 year old miniature mare, and well the sample got misplaced and I just found it a couple of days ago. They gave it to us not for medication but because they were soft treats that maybe she could eat. I'm e-mailing you to say that she can eat them and loved the sample! Thank you for making such a soft product that even horses with limited teeth can eat!!!
“My horse loves the Dimple® Horse Treats. They are very useful for the pill he has to take for his joints.”
Samantha Emerson
“My equine vet told me about your product — I’m so glad she did! I have a horse who needs a daily pill. As her vet explained everything to me, a part of my brain was thinking: “Grind it up and dissolve it? Sprinkle it in her feed?” My horse’s vet interrupted my pondering by telling me about your AWESOME product! Every day, at about the same time, my mare meets me near her feed station — happy and excited to receive her “treat,” her medication safely snugged in the dimple. — She’s never missed a dose, looks forward to our new ritual, and it’s become a new bonding for us. When she finishes the treat, I stroke and pat her neck, “Good girl!” while she licks every trace of the treat from my open palm. Thank you for making such a GREAT product! We have finished one tub and have just purchased a 3.5# tub to start tomorrow. EXCELLENT product!“
Shari Duvall-Akers
Erika, says Dimples® are her favorite treats and it's the only way she can get her horse to take medicine.
“Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I met you at Big Dee’s in Streetsboro, Ohio a few years ago and bought my first pail and have had it stocked in my barn ever since. We’ve had a terrible winter up in Ohio with rain, ice, snow and mud with drastic temperatures changes within a 24 hour period. My Appaloosa apparently took a tumble during night turn out and in the morning I was greeted by a lame horse. Thankfully it was nothing serious and the vet recommended stall rest, hand walking and bute twice a day. I reached for my bottle of bute and my pail of Dimples®. Even though he’s a horse that doesn’t take much interest in treats he gobbled it right up...So quick and easy. On the third morning as he was munching on his hay, he heard me open the bottle of bute and ran to the stall door to get his “treat”. Thanks for making a wonderful product that makes administrating medication so easy!!!”
Susan Vesely
“After my gelding, Bentley, had his eye surgically removed last year, he developed Headshaking Syndrome. We worked closely with our veterinarian, and ultimately developed a medication regimen that has managed the issue very well. At first, we struggled to develop a method to get him to take his medication, which is in pill form. We tried dissolving in a syringe, hollowed out apples and carrots, and another brand of horse pill pockets that he would barely touch, even without a pill inside. Sometimes one method would work for a few days, but as soon as he suspected that medication was involved, he would refuse to take the treat. We started using Dimples® about a year ago, and it has been a game changer! Bentley eagerly looks for his treats every day, which makes medication administration easy and reliable. He has never refused a Dimple® due to medication contents, and I know that he is always getting his entire dose. The treats are very pliable and easy to work with, even in cold weather. Dimples® are by far the easiest way to administer medication to a horse in pill form, and will always have a place in my barn. They make my life easier every day, and are Bentley-approved!”
Kelly Doyal
“Sure love your treats. We are NEVER without Dimples®!”
Kate Brown-Kenner
“I want to say how much I love your Dimples® horse treats! My pony little Gen gets a lot of medications and he is very finicky about taking them. He loves your Dimples! And so does my older Arabian Saabotaj! It makes medication time so much easier!”
Amanda Reed Fedak
“AppleJax loves when Abigail gives him Dimples® for a treat❤️”
Dianna Manz
“Your product should come with a warning label! Expect to get patted down with every trip to the barn!”
Tina Desjourdy-Drake
“Drogo is very happy and loving his new treats! Thank you for making a quality, healthy treat!”
Kristen Cody
"I purchased a finicky race horse and struggled with what would work in order for her to take grain and supplements to put on weight and muscle mass. Dimples® Horse Treats opened the door for both of us. She loves the treats and began taking risks in eating behaviors. The other horses in the barn clamor for them as well." "Dimples® Horse Treats are like diamonds in our barn!"
Lisa Engler Red Moon Stable
"Having owned horses since childhood and actively involved in the wellbeing of horses in his care as a trainer, rider, and breeder, David England designed "Dimples®" like everything else he does, with the horse first and foremost in mind. A client of our equine veterinary practice in Northern Kentucky since 2003, I have been eager to try his innovative product on patients receiving daily medication in tablet form. Dimples® has exceeded our expectations in palatability and ease of administration for all equine medications we have used inside the Dimples® pocket. I will recommend Dimples® to our clients and I am glad for the opportunity to provide sample packets to them! Thank you David for such a remarkable product for our horses!
Barbara Schmidt DVM
This is the content for I train thoroughbred racehorses off a small farm which means I have to ship everywhere I go to race and train at different tracks. Many times I am by myself so loading in a timely manner is essential for all of my horses. Occasionally I'll get the stubborn one who wants to be less than cooperative and will not get on the trailer at first asking. I'm so glad I tried using Dimples® to convince them otherwise. Once they smell it in my hand, they will follow me about anywhere. I then reward them when they are on the trailer, giving them the whole treat (or what's left of it). Dimples® are a great tool for reinforcing good behaviors, I always have of a bucket of them in my trailer.
H. Hall, Burlington, KY
This is our third bucket of dimples and they work so well in giving my old horse his medication. He is 31 years old and will be on this medication until he passes so I will be ordering more. He looks forward to getting his dimples every day and I don't think he even knows there is a pill in it. Thanks for this great product.