Horse Treats

Winter Horse Care

As the temperatures get colder it’s time to get ready for the colder weather, this includes preparing for the change in your horse’s needs during the winter months. Adjusting Feeding NeedsAs the grass becomes dormant and the nutritional value of the grass decreases, it is important to supplement your horse’s dietary needs. This might require a daily …

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Cushing’s in Horses: What You Need to Know

How to Feed the Toothless Horse

Horses who cannot chew their food often miss the essential nutrients to keep them healthy. If you have a dentally impaired or senior horse, you must adjust their feeding and management to ensure they get and absorb nutrients. We’ve covered some tips on feeding the toothless horse.

Senior Horses' Dental Health with Specialized Treats

Senior Horse Dental Health

Horses are living longer and healthier lives than ever, with many now reaching the ripe old age of twenty-five or even thirty years old. As horses age their bodies change and become more susceptible to specific health conditions. One condition to monitor in senior horses is dental health. Here are some things to consider about dental health for your senior horse.