Traveling With Your Horse

Horse owners know that traveling with your horse can be stressful! Whether you are heading across town or across the country for a horse show, clinic, camping or a trail ride, the key to minimizing your stress is to prepare and have a plan in place.

Know where you are going
Know how far the trip is, distance and average length of time to get there. Will you need to stop and offer water to the horses on the way or have an overnight layover facility lined up.

Since GPS can be spotty in some areas you should have written directions with multiple alternate routes to refer to.

Be aware of when you can arrive, some places have restricted arrival times. You would hate to have your horse wait on the trailer.

How is your horse getting there?

If you plan on using your own truck and trailer you should consider:

  • Is it up to date on any service and maintenance?
  • Are tires and breaks in good conditions with correct tire pressure?
  • Do all the trailer lights work?
  • Full tank of gas?
  • Do you have a road side emergency kit?

If a friend is hauling your horse: are they experienced and confident in hauling horses?

If you hire a horse transport company:

  • Do they have the proper license and insurance?
  • Are the drivers knowledgeable about basic horse care and handling?
  • Are their truck in safe working order?
  • Do you have a way to communicate with the driver while your horse is in their care? *check internet review. 

It’s important to consider what time of day is best to travel. Avoid peak traffic times, high temperatures in summer and bad road conditions in the winter.

Getting your horse ready
Before leaving the farm it’s important to make sure your horse is in good physical condition for whatever adventure you are planning.

  • Are they sound, fit and healthy
  • Are they up to date on all vaccinations and have a current Coggins test and health certificates to travel
  • Are their hooves in good shape
  • If they wear shoes are they tight
  • Does your horse have the appropriate level of fitness to participate in the activity you have planned.
  • Packing for travel.

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing you forgot something .

Making a checklist ahead of time can help.

Necessities include:

  • horses medical papers
  • tack and equipment
  • boots
  • appropriate clothing
  • hat/helmet
  • water bucket
  • hay
  • grain with any daily supplements and medication
  • grooming supplies
  • fly spray
  • bedding if being stalled
  • pitchfork and
  • muck tub

What other items do you need for your specific outing: *show clothes, *show saddle pads *leg protection and wraps *hoof and coat polish * bathing essentials *tack cleaner *fly mask *saddlebags *printed map of the trails.

Sometimes things happen and you need to be prepared. Here are some additional items you may want to have on hand: 

  • A well-stocked first aid kits for humans and horses
  • extra halter and lead rope
  • raincoat
  • lunge line and whip
    blanket/cooler for your horse *extra bridle and reins *multi-purpose tool
  • toolbox
  • extra double ended snaps
    wire cutters
  • duct tape
  • zip ties *extra buckets
  • extra hay and feed
  • flashlight
  • spare towels
  • bucket and bridle hooks
  • hose *stepstool/mounting block
  • sewing kit
  • fan
  • safety pins
  • sponge
  • water for your horse depending on the location

And make sure to bring plenty of Dimples Horse Treats to reward your horse!!!

Think of your needs:

  • folding chairs
  • blanket
  • food
  • cooler with water and beverages
  • sunscreen
  • bug stray

No matter where you choose to go, having a plan and being prepared will make the experience more enjoyable for you and your horse!!!

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